Great architects

God is in the details

Mies Van der Rohe


We have the honor of working with world-renowned architects.

These are artists that have compose within a complex universe with technical, financial and administrative constraints, yet succeed in creating unique buildings within their historical, cultural and social context, with a sense for harmony and beauty.

Our relationship with these great architects is dear to us. Together we strive to build strong and positive projects that find their place in time.


  • META Architectuurbureau

    META Architectuurbureau


    META is a movement for meta-architecture that tries to convey its vision on architecture through building.

    META stands for renewed interest in the building process, interest for architecture itself. META wants to make architecture that rises above the ordinary, from real practical issues without theoretical waste of time. META loves difficult clients with high demands and a clear vision.

    META doesn’t think aimlessly and time consuming, neither does it rush its actions. META negotiates. META tries to rewrite all the data into one story without worrying about expensive and complicated trends

    META builds in one action. Timeless.

  • Landinzicht


    Landscape architect

    Bjorn Gielen founds the office Landinzicht in 2004 in Brussels. The office concentrates at first on gardens and parks.

    With audacity and enthusiasm on one hand, and precision and experience on the other, they create an image that reflects their values. They evolve without renouncing the past, but by continuously questioning it.

    This allows them to answer and stay ahead of fast-growing market demands and technical advancements. Projects of Landinzicht are at times striking, but mostly discreet. Conditions are being organized and distilled to a readable and recognizable whole. Landinzicht is simply put searching for the right nature, for every project.